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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mother who thought she was dying hammered son to death so no one else could raise him

Suspected prostitute Tenika Revell beat her seven-year-old son to death because she thinks she is dying from cancer — and didn’t want anyone else to raise her boy, according to her longtime boyfriend.

“She loved him so much she didn’t want nobody else to have him,” Terrace Johnson said of his longtime girlfriend , who killed her son Bernard — bashing his head with a hammer —  on July 8 in their Brooklyn  apartment. She took pills to try and kill herself, but survived. “She didn’t want her mother or none of them to get Bernard.”

Johnson met Revell when Bernard was an infant. “I raised him,” he said. “She took my boy away from me.”

About a year after they got together, Revell’s angry side began to emerge, he said. She had done two stints in prison for robbery and burglary before meeting him.

Revell, 40, took medication for anger management, Johnson said. But her mental health declined rapidly after getting pregnant with his child last year, then having to abort the pregnancy because of her spreading cancer.

“That’s when she started really going downhill,” Johnson said. He speculates Revell may have resumed her crack habit, but insists she was a good mother to Bernard, her only child. He would scold her for buying the boy video games and scooters when she couldn’t pay the bills. “She’d spoil him rotten,” Johnson said. “She went all out.”

Revell called 911 and calmly confessed, cops said. Johnson didn’t know the boy was dead until the next morning, when he came to visit and saw the news cameras and police tape.

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